Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pictures MBC Big Bash In Egypt بالصور حفل مصر

MBC wanted to kick off its launch of its Egyptian network with much fanfare  so they invited anybody and everybody to attend their kick off event. Where they had music, food, good company and tens of celebrities.  Our Arab celebrities did not disappoint as they showed a lot of skin and what's not.

Everybody that was invited turned out for the event, dressed to thrill.   Both Lebanese and Egyptian celebrities turned out for the event including the Tunisian diva Latifa. This took place on Tuesday, the 16th of October. Ragheb Alamah sang alongside Carmin Soliman, Egyptian dancer Dina had an act and a number of TV personalities have also attended the event.

One question, what Arab Spring? 

كواليس حفل اطلاق قناة ام بي سي المصريه 16-10-2012


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