Friday, February 1, 2013

"Listen: Najwa Karam "Ykhallili Albak جديد نجوى كرم 2013 يخليلى قلبك

Most human brings age and grow old, Najwa Karam is growing younger and you know what, she is aging gracefully. You cannot ever see her out of shape, out of style, or old. She is not made for aging. I know most entertainers do some work to look younger, with Najwa Karam you can never tell she if she has gotten some work done or not.

She has become one of the very few things Lebanese agree on, she is a home grown diva who loves her motherland and has never shied away from rocking any concert at home. Till now, she has refused to sing in any other Arabic dialect, other than hers. She makes a point and for this many fall in love with her pride. While there are many young divas out there who pretend to like Najwa Karam when in deep down they want her stature.

Najwa is not known for releasing singles, she is very business minded. She judges the Arabs Got Talent and enters virtually every Arab home. And she makes a hit album every two years. I do not recall her releasing singles as far as I can remember. Maybe the timing is for Valentine Day, it's a song about the people who let into our hearts.

Not only is the song a fresh reminder of how great Najwa Karam and how powerful her vocal chords, but her new pictures are nothing short of spectacular. In the span of 2 decades, very few singers have carved their spot in pop history as beautifully as Najwa Karam has.

najwa karam Ykhallili Albak حصريا جديد نجوى كرم 2013 يخليلى قلبك

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