Thursday, November 1, 2012

Maya Diab, Energy Drinks And Car Drifting @ The Dead Sea

Not sure how much Maya Diab knows about cars and racing, but she just made an appearance in a Jordanian car rally near the Dead Sea. Maya was the celebrity all the boys wanted, they wanted fast cars, a strong female celebrity and a lot of energy drinks. Maya brought her high sense of outlandish fashion to the event and mingled with the folks who like to think of themselves as being sporty.

I am sure that energy drink hired her to come to Jordan for PR. Maya has turned her short living career into a business enterprise for product endorsement  To her credit, she cannot help that stupid guys are crazy about her and about all her fashion and otherwise stunts. Chevy had the time for their life as their car stole the show. I can say this, while I do not care about people putting their lives in danger for no real value, I would still feel bad for them in the event they die.

Stupid young people and their unlimited love for all things fast, I do not get the crazy over that energy drink, I do not see a need for it. On the upside, Jordanians may be out of work, but they would never doing things like car racing and obsessing over celebrities. Jordan is a great place, but socially, you find girls who want to be boys and boys who speak and act like girls.

تشحيط مايا دياب في JordayTV #Nudarebkom | RedBull Car Park Drift Dead Sea


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