Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Touching Song In The Syriac Tradition ترتيلة سريانية - فرقة جسور & إيناس لطوف

Joussour is not your typical band, it's a throwback band to the ancient history of the Middle East region. The band is made-up of musicians from different cultural background. Which makes it a lot easier for them to turn out a diverse mix of music from Mesopotamia and the Levant including folkloric, contemporary, instrumental and vocal pieces, and the various types and stages of oriental songs in general.

The Band employs a style reflects the rich cultural tapestry of the region's varying cultures and traditions. This is done using a new creative musical language which reflects their capabilities as musicians to perform various types and styles of music, and expresses at the same time their renewed faith in their heritage and the importance of its interaction with contemporary musical genres.

The Band's namesake 'joussour' illustrates that, the word itself means 'bridges' in Arabic, more like a time-machine I would call them. The band weave together different cultural background, which comes with a unique musical style deeply rooted in history. The band started in 2007, and is led by Syrian musician Salah Ammo. Since its establishment, the group has performed several concerts, inside and outside of Syria, and is today considered one of the most important groups in Syria, due to its representation of the songs and cultures of the region. The band has yet to reach out to Europe, even though their music is the exact kind that has the across culture appeal.

So, if you think Arabic or Islamic music is too modern for you, you can go back in history and enjoy this the Orthodox Syriac tradition, a song about the divinity of God. This song is about breaking bread together.

Joussour Group & Inas Latouf ترتيلة سريانية - فرقة جسور & إيناس لطوف

the Orthodox Syriac tradition. It was written by Mar Yakoub al-Sarouji, and is performed either improvised or according to an ancient musical arrangement, as it appears in this recording. The topic of the song is peace, love and the divinity of God. Musicians: Salah Ammo: bouzouq Milad Bahi: oud and arrangement Imad Morci: cello Bassem Al Jaber: contrabass Firas Hassan: percussion Dima Mawazini: qanoun Mohamad Fityan: nay & kawlah Walid Khataba: violin Wessam Al Chaaer: accordion


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