Monday, February 4, 2013

Meet The Arab Diva Married Eight Times!

Sabah of Lebanon or Sabah Al Shahroura is that lady who was among the few Arab entertainers to marry many times--eight to be exact. Do not tell me about your traditional marriage and values  there are people like that who mock it with the way they lead their lives.

While many young people out there are unable to get married, there's one celebrity who has at least gotten married seven times. At her prime she was the it girl and she ruled the 60s and part of the 70s too.

  1. Najib Al Shmmas, her first hubby and she was 18 at the time, he was the age of her father and it ended in an ugly divorce.
  2. Abdallah Al Mubarak was an Arab business man who married Sabah next. They met in a casino where she was performing. Needless to say the marriage lasted just for one month. Al Mubarak asked Sabah to quit the show business, but instead she quit him.
  3. Anwar Mansy, the violinist in he band, he loved her and confessed her love to her, only to find out that Sabah feels the same way. He fathered her girl Hoida, but his addiction to gambling and he was prone to violence. Divorce was sought.   
  4. Ahmed Farraj, a low level radio personality that appeared on a show that Sabah starred. They married, and denied it for a while, then they started to bicker over modest clothes and song selections. The jealous husband would question the Sabah and even wiretap her phone as well, they divorced three years later in 1963.    
  5. Rushdie Abaza, the prince of the silver screen, the manliest man who all of a sudden announced her married to Sabah. They have worked only on one movies, and the wedding was officiated in a Beirut court. The wedding only lasted for 48 hours, the wedding and the divorce were both surprises. 
  6. Joe Hammoud, summer of 1970 was a very special time for Sabah and this politician. Joe was the loving kind, he understood the demand of her career, and was supportive, but two years later he was running for office and they divorced.   
  7. Wassim Tabarra, a Lebanese comedian, actor  and director who kept his marriage to Sabah for five years. He approached her about his love and they get married in 1973. Sabah cited that the move loves himself more than he loved her and he had a lot of business and artistic ambitions. They had a disagreement while in Canada, so she walked out on him. 
  8. Fadi Kuntar of Fadi of Lebanon, they married in 1987. He was a b list singer and almost half her age at that point. They were together for 15 years. According to Sabah he was too busy with his friends and his future. She left him after thinking about it for at least two years. He did get to document her life on film. 
Other reported marriages:

  1. Actor Youssef Shaaban - another marriage of creative differences, lasting just a month. Another man who strayed to the stage and briefly into the Lebanese temptress's web. 
  2. Joseph Gharib The initial marriage report was an April Fools prank, later turned bon fide wedlock, as reported this month. Her former hair-dresser of 17 years became her husband. At the time she was 85 years old.


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