Monday, February 4, 2013

Tony Qattan Blames The Father Of The Girlfriend

Jordanian pop star Tony Qattan should have gotten an ward at home when they handed them to dozens of Arab pop stars. Frankly, the guy had more sold out concerts than most Arab stars. He had few singles that were amazing and he keeps the pop dream alive  For a guy who is neither Egyptian, nor Lebanese he has taken Jordan to new pop territories.

Who helps the young star? Not a government entity. But the love of his fans in both Palestine and Jordan. The kid knows how to party, this is why his festival book is getting full each day. And when he speaks he is not selling bullshit, he means business and always thanks his fans.

Tony's style evolves, but always blends what's known to Jordanian and Palestinian music scene, very similar to the Lebanese one, but distinct. His ability to play both the guitar and the piano has impressed his family at a young age. He is one rare bread of singers, he has made it into the major league without taking part of a singing competitions. He has taken singing professionally since 2005 and has been a role model for many young singers in both Palestine and Jordan  

طوني قطان - بيا يا بيا - عندك بحرية يا ريس


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