Monday, February 4, 2013

Listen: Ramy Ayash - Ma Baddi Shi 2013 / رامي عيّاش - ما بدي شي

Lebanon's well known sentimental songs composer and lyricist Salim Assaf is already making 2013 a busy time for his fans. His latest collaboration is a song for Ramy Ayach, which Dany Helou produced the music for. A romantic song made for the ages.

The song starts like the very end of an opera song, then comes the poetry with the smooth R&B voice of Ramy Ayach. Yes, this team have just cranked up the volume on what might be this years's best Valentine Day single. I like the way the song is divided and arranged.

Ramy shines with this soulful song, about the amount of pain one is welling to take in for the loved ones. I know women will weep upon hearing this song, it makes you believe that Ramy is really hurting. Then the artists asks God for help, your love is bigger than me. The end has a sudden end which indeed leaves wondering if there is more from where this comes.

Ramy Ayash - Ma Baddi Shi 2013 / رامي عيّاش - ما بدي شي


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