Monday, February 4, 2013

The Expats Favorite Entertainer Nicolas El Osta Released New Single

Nicola El Osta never went anywhere, he is among the most known non stars singers at his home Lebanon. He is good for romance pop the kind that appeals to people who have actually fell in love before. He does not get a lot of media coverage  but he changes that last year when he did a song asking men to unit and star asking for their rights.

He has concerts in Canada often and countries where the Lebanese folks dwell and work. They tend to love his smile, and his songs.He is a good pop star who does songs like a believer when its' hard to believe in love and those we often chose to love.

Nicolas is out with a new single that talks about not changing after a breakup, it's not easy not to hate or become jaded after a breakup.

 nicolas el osta نقولا الأسطا ما تغيرت


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