Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pictures: Skinny Diana Karzon Vs. Bulky Diana Karazon

Diana Karazon has always had a million dollar voice, she got the skills, the warm voice, the happy one too, and the emotional complexity to make her a wholesome songstress. She shot to fame 10 years ago when she won the title for the then popular show Super Star, she won the title and Arabia seen the first star born in front of our eyes.

One thing, this is an image obsessed industry and she did not seem to mine her bulky weight, her early music videos focused on her face and cute look. But then the press started to talk about her look and worse, her female counterparts started whispering mean things about her.

She tires to keep cool, but she had  breaking point and all of sudden a new Diana Karazon walks into the pop scene, she looked a lot leaner, and had more energy. This was a radical change, as the songstress has lost more than half of her weight and all of sudden she seemed also taller. I believe it was in 2007 when the surgery was done.

I have always said, good for her, she wanted to feel good and feel second to none, she went for it. She is the same awesome voice as she has been.

Diana Karazon - Kazzeb alayi Video Clip 2011 HD . ديانا كرزون كليب كزّب عليّي

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