Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DOWNLOAD: Ahlam 2013 Album ألبوم أحلام " موعدك

The Arab world might think of Ahlam is a loon (majnoona) and I would not care, because I know deep down she is a very proud entertainer who hates to be fake around all those fake people who talk shit on her back. She is a well off lady who has been in the business for two decades or even more, so she is working for fun not the cash.

Even Rotana caved in to her demands when they wanted to go cheap, they called them out on it in public and then when the top boss was unkind to her back, she called on the owner's wife who stood on her side and told the company to do whatever Ahlam want.

And now, we are staring her album in the eye, and know that this lady still has the energy for the music business. While, no doubt she is a colorful soul, and she has no problem telling people how she feels as we saw she does on Arab Idol panel. I am really fed up with non Khaliji singers doing Khaliji songs--it's hard to fake it. Ahlam is a native to that region and some credit her with making such songs popular throughout Arabia. It's about time she releases something fresh and real.

The little I have seen of the album tells me a great deal about the voice quality of Ahlam, she is a rock star and she has a flexible and smooth voice. Think of is the Asalah of her region. There's a lot more dance and romance from the women vantage of point delivered to perfection by Ahlam and her team

01 - Ghalat Eayounak We Qallbek
02 - Yethayaa Lah
03 - El Qalleb Beatak
04 - Moweadak
05 - Towba
06 - Tool Ma Qallbek (Abghak Haie)
07 - El Hezen Heznny
08 - Barawedah Qallbek
09 - Wesh Feek
10 - Bagheethak
11 - Estere Ya Sattar
12 - Habyeb Akher Zeman
13 - Ana Heby Rekadah
14 - Ya Saherny
15 - Allah Allah Yagacy

دعاية ألبوم أحلام " موعدك " - 2013 - Ahlam

EXCLUSIVE Ahlam - Ana hobi rikadah / أحلام - أنا حبي ركاده


  1. She is definetly the most talented female singer from the Gulf with Nawal El Kuwaitia. I am also fed up with non Khaleeji female singer but the thing is that they lack from female singers in the Gulf region. If there's not Mona Amarcha, Saudi-born Lebanese Mashael etc... who is gonna sing?