Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Day When Myriam Fares Ruled Dance Pop

2005 is the year we all have realized that Myriam Fares can dance, sing and bring some joy into the life of those who watch her move on camera. Ever since she made the music video for Nadini, and she has been under the media spotlight who has found a new darling that knows how to copy and improve on world pop stars.

Myriam Fares is the name that swept through the Arab world and made an impact on pop music. She has made dancing interesting again, and challenged other pop stars to keep up with her  She danced, not just moved. Yes, that athletic body of hers can bend. Her brand of stunning dance moves were all of sudden all over the airwaves, and that made her happier and richer.

That year older pop stars in Lebanon felt threatened, they could no longer compete in the pop game, Myraim was on steroid, their dance moves made people want to take a nap. That t-shirt she wore made many Arabs happy to see their flags featured on prime real estate.

Myriam Fares - Nadini / ميريام فارس - ناديني


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