Tuesday, February 5, 2013

اغنية محمد حسن - ده يرضى مين | Egypt Captain Mohamed Hassan - Da Yrdi Meen

Here's a heart breaking song from the youngest gun in Egyptian pop, singer Mohamed Hassan, he is back with a lot of tears, and he sounds to have no dry eye, shedding tear on the Egyptians who are killed every day. And the ones who walk in a funeral only to go home dead.

Speaking of somber songs, Hassan nailed this one on the head, the music and the melody almost make you cry even before you hear those tear soaked song of this Egyptian artist. This song is not about rage, and revenge, but rather about the rights of people and the obligations of the government.

Stop with the blame game and mourn the dead, do not go and be dead yourself--for once it's unclear who is killing whom.

اغنية محمد حسن - ده يرضى مين | Mohamed Hassan - Da Yrdi Meen


  1. life is sacred, only God should take it. Every being is unique.