Sunday, February 3, 2013

اغنيه يارا تبدأ حكايه Listen: Yara 2013 Single مقدمه مسلسل لارا

There's yet another new Turkish Soap Opera that has been dubbed in Arabic to appeal to the droves of Arabs glued to their TVs. The show's name is "Lara's Choice" or "Lara" and surprise, it;s a love story. But the good news, they have tabbed Lebanese songstress Yara to do the theme song.

Yara, sounds like she is a younger version of Fayrouz, I am sure she would be happy to know that. There's only one Fayrouz, but I am feeling like Yara is following in her steps, this song is another testament to that conclusion.

The song has a good melody, and it tells the beginning of a story....and coping with sadness as we march in life. Yara can always have our love if she does those songs, we lived her for them when she begun her career in 2005. She has lost some when she changed her dialect for pay.

اغنيه يارا تبدأ حكايه 2013  مقدمه مسلسل لارا


  1. "Lara's Choice" is an Croatian production and not Turkish as you write. The original title is "Larin izbor" with the theme song "Samo ljubav ostaje", furthermore they made a motion picture with the title "Larin izbor izgubljeni princ" ( "Lara's Choice the lost prince").
    So Yara did not make the theme song, she only sings the translated and customized version of the original, although she does it very well...