Saturday, February 2, 2013

Divas Gotta Eat Angham New Single اغنية انغام - ياريت | تتر مسلسل فى غمضة عين

Egyptian all star Angham is one of the finest female voices in that country. She has been rocking it for about thirty years ever since she was a little girl with funny teeth that sang next to her father. Now that she has made it, and has a claimed a diva stature, she has to calculate every steps she makes. I like that she has been doing different songs, and she is now dabbling into acting with a TV drama.

She has also sang the soundtrack song, because what good being a diva is if you are not getting a check? The song is about things you want from life, less pain, more joy and off course easier life, and more love please. The drams which she co-starred in just begun to air. The other star is actress Dalia El Bihiri who has admitted that she has no chemistry with Angham, but nevertheless the had to work together despite their differences.

Somethings never change, among those things Angham's voice and delivery, she is always the same, for some this is a delight. I have enjoyed Angham's songs especially the bluesy ones. The new single style fits the style most want Angham to cover. Others have criticized her for doing pop computer affects songs. So, the melody for the title song is very Arabic and very fitting.

 اغنية انغام - ياريت | تتر مسلسل فى غمضة عين


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