Saturday, February 2, 2013

Listen: Sultry Myriam Fares Sings For The Ladies اغنية ميريام فارس - هالله يالصبايا 2013

This song is for a Gulf-Khalij produced TV drama that has the title of "Girls Dormitory", or the dorms where only women live. The show will have plenty of drama about the things that bring young women together and pulls them apart. We do not get many songs about the ladies and the issues that cause rifts and fights, but at the end it's all fine and dandy.

They chose a Lebanese babe to do the promo song for the Drama, I hope the show gets the viewership it deserves if it was well-written. This is a dance song, I really like the beat, and most of all, yriam goes out of her way to make this song special.

I just did not fall in love with her other Khaliji songs, this is the first song she does and she made me feel like she wanted to make a hit out of this track. If she can make more of her songs like this, then she has my money. It's if she took all her strength points and put them to a good use here.

 اغنية ميريام فارس - هالله يالصبايا 2013


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