Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ramy Gamal, The Education Of A Pop Star

Egyptian composer Ramy Gamal chose the worst time to launch his solo album, 2010, days before the Arab Spring gained momentum. Music did not die, it just had to take a break as new kind of music has emerged.  Ramy did not whine, he cut his losses and went on to make singles.

He kept his singing career going in a tough time, and he has manged not to do a real damage to his music composing business. I do happen to like the guy's work. He is a creative musician who listens to a lot of different styles. He plays few instruments himself.

It takes good looks to launch a pop career, Ramy is blessing in that department. and his on camera charisma connects with his fans. As for his debut music video he kept is catchy and told a love story where love triangle takes hold. In Ramy Gamal's world women do not seem to have a voice, they just smile to any guy who comes along.

Love is not cool rides and nice bikes, this is the kind of love you have in high school and in freshman years. As for his composing career, Ramy still works with the A list pop stars form both Lebanon and Egypt.

Oddamy - Ramy Gamal قدامي - رامي جمال


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