Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sherine Channels Her Inner Najat Al Saghira شيرين عبدالوهاب - طول عمرى احبك - جديد 2013

Sherine is ready to be great on her own merit. But she also admires those who have come before us. Sherine knows how to stretch and extract her voice in any way she desires. She came from humble beginnings  and she did well for herself and her loved ones

The impressive part, her complete image change, she did pop songs at first, and she blazed the dance floor with her upbeat and perfect beat songs. Three albums later, and she has carved a place in history and claimed a spot in the biggest concerts around the Arab World. She has at least five album to her name, and each album has enough hits on it to blow a whale out of water.

Most recently she has given us romance gems that have a staying power, she still makes happy giddy dance songs and those live on as well. But every time she performs live, is like her giving the listener a piece of her soul. This time she chose to cover an acoustic version of Najat Al Saghira in a love confession song. This was recorded on a TV show, so it's not long enough, but at this time, it will do.

Also make sure to give thanks to Kamal Al Taweel, the legend who composed the music.

شيرين عبدالوهاب - طول عمرى احبك - جديد 2013

نجاة .طول عمرى أحبكHassan


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