Friday, February 1, 2013

The Lebanses Bombshell Nelly Makdessi

Nelly Mekdessi has always told us she knows she is hot. She has shown a lot of sex appeal throughout her 12 years career. Nelly is popular with the dudes, but if you do not appeal to the ladies too, things won't translate into commercial success.

This is a Lebanese pop star who has never looked less than stunning, she is the one bringing sexy back. She does not do many public concerts, even though she has so many singles and hits that many are familiar with. I do not know if she holds private parties too--but it's hard not to when one can make a lot of cash from such parties.

Nelly has done a lot of advertisements and commercial ventures, she seems like a fun person to talk to--she has no trouble getting interviews. As for her songs, she has stuck to pop ever since she emerged in the spotlight  most of her songs are in the old desert dialect. In face some of her music videos are about the desert,  horses, and Arabia knights and princess.

Nelly Makdessi - Ya Arab


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