Friday, February 1, 2013

Listen: Mohamed Mohy - El Rawy 2013 محمد محي - الراوي - بلاك تيما

The boys of Black Theama is turning up the heat by joining forces with another delightful Egyptian voice Mohammed Mohie. Together they are celebrating the storyteller.

I did not see these two musical acts performing a duet like this, they did however appear together in a concert a while back. This is a dramatic song, which explains Mohamed Mohie's vocal credo. To lighten up the mood and enrich the music showcase, Black Theama is the guest.

Both stars are benefiting  Black Theama is tabbing in into the history and the name recognition of Mohie's, and he is reaching out to their young and energized  fan base that pack concert halls. The song is about the touch life some have where nothing seems to go right for certain segment of people.

I do feel the song is missing the fireworks elements, the song never peaks, and feels like a letdown, maybe that's because we expected a more colorful song from those musical acts.  

Mohamed Mohy - El Rawy (2013) | محمد محي - الراوي - بلاك تيما


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