Friday, March 1, 2013

Vidoe Najla & Nourlen Gay For Pay نجلا و نورلين - الليلة ليلتي

The head of the Melody Entertainment network used the old formula to sell records and films. He pushed twin sisters and placed them in sexually suggestive films and promotions. Now they twins get a music video, and they have one pig to thank him for it. It's more of two girls who like to dance and shake it music video where they also provide the boom. They have already been on film where there was a scene for the twins sleeping with one guy at the time time--very racy by all standards.

These two ladies Najla and Nourlen already have the name recognition. They have been commonly known as the melody twins, and they do not mind it, they play the sexy part so well in the hopes it will change things around for them. It's not a bad song, I know we both saw much worse things. So while serious people get serious, those two girls will make a living being not that serious.

I am not sure what the extend of their talent is, but singing might be the natural order for them and now they have a party song where they are talking about that special night. This is one long catwalk for ladies who like black outfits with shiny things. There a number of looks made to keep the boys interested. Urban look and stuff like you buy from the Icing Store. And yes, there's some dances that make you feel you have watching too many Beyonce Music videos.

Najla & Nourlen - El Leila Leilty / نجلا و نورلين - الليلة ليلتي

Najla & Nourlen - El Leila Leilty / نجلا و نورلين - الليلة ليلتي


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