Tuesday, November 6, 2012

All The Moroccan Songstresses: Baheejah Idrees

Another Moroccan pioneer in local music is a nice lady with the name Baheejah Idris "Bahijah Edrees" She is a songstress from the sixties era. She has done song sin Egyptian dialects too, so she made it a bit farther than her Moroccan peers at that time. She has retired from singing in the 80s and continues to be involved in a number of functions. Like her participation in a solidity with Palestine event

In a 2009 conference in the city of Rabat, Baheejah promised doing a song for Gaza in three languages at the event. When the attendees insisted on her she performed a bit of her song Achanah.
She has a dreamy voice that can sound like Najat Al Sagheera. She likes performing poems, like she did with Nizar Qabany's song "Get Angry" which was re-recorded by Asalah decades later.

بهيجة إدريس - الماء يجري قدامي

بهيجة إدريس - إغضب كما تشاء.


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