Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Hottest Record Producer In Lebanon Speaks

Jean-Marie Riachi is a man who likes to keep himself behind the scenes, he has a lot of friends whom he makes look good through his music. Jean-Marie Riachi is the go to guy if you want a universal album made in Beirut. The guy is very educated in the various musical styles the local and the global. He knows what works and what does not.

Jean-Marie Riachi works with both Arab and non Arab musicians to give the audience a good product. He is a Christian who also makes good Christmas music just for fun. He is producing a number of albums to the likes of Rami Ayach, Lara Iskander, Carole Samahe, Elissa and most recently Magida El Roumi.

Every now and then he voices an album with his friends who are happy to loan their voices. Among his greatest revelations in the interview below, Arab artists do not spend much on their songs, but for the music video they do. He is also a supervisor on the show The Voice--he works on the music and bands. The guy knows who to mix a good song and knows what it takes to fix and refine those songs.

جان ماري رياشي يجهز ألبومين جديدين ويرد على ملحم بركات


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