Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shikabala In Trouble For Tamer Hosny Concert

Egypt's finest soccer player and  bad boy Shikabala finds himself once again in trouble with his club. The golden feet champ of Egyptian soccer who is in the United Arab Emirates now playing for premier league Al Wasil Club stopped by a Tamer Hosny concert in Abu Dhabi and emerged on the stage alongside the Egyptian pop star. The fans shouted the soccer players name and cheered him one.

It was a good moment for the soccer player who has seen some many controversies throughout his career including outbursts at his coaches and managers. Trouble is this, 48 hours after Shikabala had made his concert cameo, his team lost the game really bad 5 to nothing--zilch. Al Ain club dominated Al Wasil and angered so many fans.

Needless to say the club bosses are unhappy and they have reported Shikabala for investigation according to the head of the club Hamid Yousef. The club will use its regulations do rule on the matter. I do think this is a crappy call as the club is finding someone to hang for their losses. Shikabala is just one player, it takes a lot more than that to lose a game this bad.

Shikabala in Dubai HD


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