Tuesday, November 6, 2012

LISTEN: Marwa Nasr New Album Promo - Wahda Bas / برومو ألبوم مروة نصر

Marwa Nasr, la femme fatale of that signature Egyptian pop is back, she sounds happier and upbeat. I am loving the new makeover and the big budget looks of her new album artwork, but most of all a lot of money has been spent on getting good lyrics and good music as well. Very few Egyptian ladies can do the kind of pop Marwa does. She is not just one dimensional artists, she has proven to be an all around entertainers.

She is a serried lady now and her career seems to be ready for a relaunch with this soon to be released album. She is having a conversation with her love, and asking him to be by her side as she struggles. I love the funky songs, those are the ones I loved the most from Marwa's. The promo does something cool, use still images with videos of the songstress to set the mood. With the album, I sense the variety of song selections  the happy ones are there and they doe bring you to the dance floor. The romantic ones are hard to miss.

She dedicates the album to her mom and her late father. I thought that's a nice touch. I certainly hope people rush to the music store to secure a copy, this is a big album where the artists and her team made a big investment. Let's reward good music and those who work hard to make high quality songs.    

Marwa Nasr New Album Promo - Wahda Bas / برومو ألبوم مروة نصر


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