Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Assi Verdun Sells Food, Drinks and Desert In Beirut

Lebanese singer dude--The Bruce Springsteen of Lebanon posted on his Twitter account a picture of his "The Voice" team having a dinner at his own Beirut restaurant "Assi Verdun". Assi seems to have entred the business game late, but his downtown upscale restaurant is one of those hot spots.

The eatery is located in prestigious neighborhood of Verdun. The restaurant takes the singer's first name, Assi, and is jointly-owned by two Lebanese businessmen. So Assi is a partner and it seems he is in charge of PR as the restaurant just opened the summer of 2012. Assi stopping for a meal with the young talents from The Voice will make the rounds.

The singer was inspired to go into the restaurateur business on the back of his nephew's hit franchises for 'Kayf' restaurant. Assi is not the first artist to decide to venture into the food business, with a number of stars exploiting the same lucrative career sideline. Other notable restaurateurs and singers is Fadel Shaker who has just sold his restaurant as he makes amends with his past.

I m Having dinner with my team from the voice at my restaurant Assi verdun pic.twitter.com/4JDoX3e5


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