Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Video: DAM And Amal Murkus Stand Up For Women

DAM has just shown so many people wrong, rap can do great things for women. Look no further than the rap group's latest music video where the collaborate with the dazzling Amal Murkus. The song is about ending violence against women in Palestine and beyond.

The group has been moved by a number of incidents where females have been either murdered of attacked by family members. The idea of honor and dignity for some is when women do not live their lives and stay buried. No one should be allowed to harm another person, there is the rule of law. Those antiquate traditions have not died yet. And this is where the "If I could Go Back In Time" fits in.

This is a far more serious issue than political ones, the integrity of the Palestinians cause is on the line here. We ask not be murdered, and yet some of us feel justified to murder the weeks and innocent. You cannot protect your family values by murdering family members because they disagree with your version of how their life should look like. God gave us freedom and ask us to be in charge of our own life, not the lives of others. If they are imperfect, there is a much higher force above us that sees and it will deliver justice, not you.  

DAM took their Palestinian rage and placed it inward, they have given one of their finest performances, and it feels coming from deep inside each of the trio group members  This is music video and the song drive the message home, it took three of the Arab world's biggest and most known rappers to do just that. But you really do not make a song about women in Palestine without the voice of Amal Murkus on your side.

Amal has already done an impressive work in reviving the Palestinian folklore. With this son she puts an eye preserving the future. She is the girl next door with a super powerful voice that can move mountains without screaming. Together, they have packed their song with some much passion and emotional conflicts to move your heart and soul.

But the music video would not have been possible without the direction of Jackie Salloum, the vocal Palestinian activist, the rebel with a camera. Her vision shows through the camera and her art direction takes second seat to no one. The reversing time to mean the exact opposite of what really happens is kinda of fresh. With help of the artists, she has directed one of the most compelling music videos that defies culture, language and challenges what's possible in storytelling.

DAM featuring AMAL MURKUS - If I Could Go Back In Time


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