Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lebanese Songstress Elissa Loses Some Serious Weight!

Lebanese romantic song hit-maker Elissa just celebrated her birthday with friends and family. It looks like Elissa has skipped the birthday party cake and opted for a new diet. As most observers have taken notice of her new look.

Yes, they are guessing she has dropped some serious weight as she looks leaner and ready for business. This change is beyond the hair style and beyond the new outfit.  I do realize some clothes make us look bigger and smaller, but it's not a strange thing for a celebrity to lost some weight--it's good for business. Bally were launching their winter 2012 collection and Elissa walked in there sporting a Victoria Beckham dress. She also wore a diamond ring.

But none of that mattered, her leaner figure stole the show. I think it's all in the face, you cannot have a fat face, it doe snot look good. But sometimes it happens. And Elissa knows very well how to make a stellar appearance.

Elissa - Tesadaa Bemeen / إليسا - تصدق بمين


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