Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hedi Jouini, The Protector of The Tunisian Song

Hedi Jouini has been rightfully dubbed the Frank Sinatra of the Arab World. From the theme song of a popular Tunisian soap opera to pop singers’ cover songs, including international superstar Ishtar, Jouini’s music still resonates twenty five years after his death.

Behind the usual story of siblings fighting over their inheritance lies the powerful dynamic of men’s and women’s roles in 1930’s Tunis and the sad but often funny story of Papa Hedi’s, a man and his legacy. Performing live accompanied buy his "oud" lute and an orchestra of people who are set on making beautiful music. The star Hedi Jouini seems to enjoy his live performances and inviting his audience to participate

Hedia became a star away from the center of the Arab star making system in Cairo. Like countless of his peers he started his career by reading and reciting the holy Koran. He moved into memorizing songs of singers that came before him. Then he studied under an Italian music professor, then in a French institution. He would go on to dominate the 50s, 60s, and 70s in the Tunisian song. Most of his songs have been inspiring young and old Tunisian artists to recreate them.

His early songs were light and had a lot of humor. Then he moved into romance and duets. And from there to the social issues. He was a leader in conserving the Tunisian song and had joined a group to promote and protect the local song--he would compose songs for a number of vocalists in that group "Jama'at Ta'aht Al Sor"
Hedi Jouini - 7obi Yitbadel Yitjadid

hedi jouini - lamouni live


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