Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Houda Saad, The Classics With One Classy Lady On "هيك من غني"

Lebanese people know how to make money. They make those fun singing shows--most of those Arab singing shows are now based in Beirut not Cairo. Arabs Got Talent, Arab Idol, The Voice and Star Academy all cal Lebanon their home. But the ratings are important so the show producers keep Egyptain contestants to keep the 90 millions watching.

This time, one of those shows "Heeb Min Ghany", "This is How We Sing" brought in a Moroccan delight for interviews and for live performances of the oldies. Houda Saad have always had a great voice and since she has training in music she knows the best of both worlds.

The clips below are about her voice and about the classics she pays homage to. She has also performed one of her own songs--an all Moroccan song that went viral in the Arab airwaves.

Houda Saad - هدى سعد - بغيتو ولا كرهتو - هيك من غني

Houda Saad - هدى سعد - يادارة دوري فينا - هيك من غني

Houda Saad - هدى سعد - وصفولي الصبر (روعة) - هيك من غني

Houda Saad - هدى سعد - يما القمر عالباب - هيك من غني


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