Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ziyad Sahhab When The Clouds Are Your Last Name

If your search for some classical yet fresh Arabic music is still on, your search is over. Here's Ziyad Sahhab who makes the lute dance. His voice reaches down to your soul and speaks to your brain. He describes himself as a poor artist. Not many artist can brag about performing in the Cairo House of Opera at the tender age of 13. He counts among his musical influences Mohamad Abdel Wahab, Sayed Darweesh, Tom Waits and the always relevant Roger Waters.

Ziyad took on the lute in 1989 and joined the Beirut Arabic music orchestra in 1993 where his serves were greatly appreciated. He has two albums, the first came in 2004 "Ouyoun El Bakar" (Forward Music)  includes songs of the Egyptian poet Salah Jahine.Ziyad's second album is called " keep on singing". In the second album Ziyad brings to life the poems of egyptian writers Ahmad Fouad Najem and Mohamad Kheir as well as his own texts in a style that is unique and particular.

Sahhab is his last name, in Arabic it means clouds! And that's where his music will put you, cloud 9 to be specific. Ziyad is studying musicology at the Antonine University.Ziyad Sahhab and his band are performing live at"Walimat Wardeh" in Hamra Makdessi Street every Friday. I like his depth and his intelligence. He is an artist who can recognize good art when he sees it. He chooses poems that fit his style yet challenge him to make good music.

Ziyad is an avid smoker whose facial hair is the first thing you notice about him. He lives and works in beruit where he collaborates on whatever musical projects comes his way.

زياد سحاب - يابو قلب وحيد


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