Monday, November 12, 2012

Footballer Lionel Messi Arrested While In The Saudi Kingdom

The Saudi Kingdom has invited the world class soccer player and legendary ball player Messi . There were so many dudes wanting to see and touch the legend that he had to be arrested by two or four Saudi policemen to walk him away form the crazed men of Saudi Arabia--who happen to love soccer.

The scene was so chaotic that the sponsoring network reporter was kicked out of the scene  and nothing went according to plan. The super star Messi joined his country men soccer team as they play against the national Saudi soccer team on Wednesday. Messi did nothing wrong to earn him that kind of harsh police treatment, that wanted to keep him safe while groping him.

The poor Saudi anchor who wanted to speak to the soccer legend. But that was not the time nor the place for civility. And by the way, they have a gun to Messi's head--all to keep him safe form his fans. I wonder what his enemies would do? The international press took this picture and the chaos and ran with it, the only losers here are the Saudi name.

It seems the security officers on the airport site, were letting in their relatives and friends to get to the airport in the hopes they would see the legend of Messi. But this is wrong as Saudi Arabia has turned itself into worshiping idols of soccer. I know the Saudi pres were the first to speak ill of this fiasco caused by lack of organization and zealot soccer fans.

You can see form the video below, this was amateur hour in Saudi Arabia and everybody pushed everybody around the airport gate. This i a shame to the Kingdom, they could have done a better job managing the event. This does not reflect too well on Saudi Arabia, its people and its culture.

الاسطورة ميسي يسحب على ماجد التويجري

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