Monday, November 12, 2012

Making Of Tamer Hosny's Best Music Videos

Free Music produced some of the most famous songs for pop star Tamer Hosny, together they made good catch music and also made awesoms music videos. To make this, they had lots of green screen, dancers and props. His music videos tend to have more money budgeted that most of his peers. Nasr Mahrous loved the guy like a son, and made a lot of money from him

The music videos feature a lot of characters, makeup and lots of people having fun as they get jiggy with it. This is when Tamer Hosny was hot but not too hot. He was shaping his career, not focused on making money. Notice how choppy Tamer was in those music videos, but he looked happy and comfortable with other crew members.

Tamer likes the beach side music videos, there's almost a body of water in his music videos. The good news that Tamer will go back to his producer to work on his new album--this is some good news we all can use.

Making Of "Tamer Hosny - Hodn El Gharib"

Making Of "Tamer Hosny - Arrab Habiby"


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