Monday, November 12, 2012

Moroccan Festivals Prefer Foreigners To Locals Says Hoda Saad

Hoda Saad is not the first songstress to make such a bold claim. Worst, part, I think she is right. Hoda is a musician and singer who came from Morocco and was adopted by Rotana who really believe in her talent. Together they would release two albums--really good and impressive stuff if you ask me.

Hoda took the Moroccan song into new territories as she just filmed a music video in LA, California-- a music video she will release soon. The song she chose to film "Ma Zal Tabgheek" She did not find one decent Moroccan director to help her direct the picture at home. According to Hoda, Morocco has all the right technologies and locations, talent is still lagging behind.

Hoda comes from a rare bread of female musicians who sing, you do not get many of those nowadays. Speaking in a recent interview, she dished out her frustration with organizers of Moroccan music festivals--they have a dozen of those each summer and they seem to be well funded.

According to Hoda, most Morocco singers started in the late 80s to abandon the local song in favor of Gulf and Egyptian songs. Hoda does not like the preferential treatment non Moroccan singers get when they participate in music festivals at her home country.

She has not gotten the help form the officials to help increase awareness about the Moroccan song, a way she thinks will help promote tourism to that country. She complained that she does not get a share of media appearances at home and her and other Moroccan singers are on their own. Other Arab stars come to Morocco and perform, but the focus should be on the local talents and their rich local tradition 

Houda Saad Mazal Nebgrik جديد نجمة هدى سعد مازال نبغيك


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