Monday, November 12, 2012

Shame @ Tyche! Jordan's Elites Keep Local Press Out

Jordan had a big showoff awards last week, and they have invited every Arab celebrity on the planet to attend and get an award. Arab journalists were welcome with open arms, no so much the Jordanian ones, according to a number of reports.

It seems that organizers wanted to pimp out their country to their Arab peers, but not to the local press. Sure, some might take an issue with that. But I want to be fair, some people claim to be press to get access to those awards, some fail to show credentials and some just want to have a good time. So it's not uncommon for random people to use the press excuse.

But it can also be that the organizers, wanted to let only a certain people who work for a certain press entities.  Those allegations were made by Reaction TV where one of the organizers Mohamed Al-Ashy were called out on being a "Racist" as he lets the non Jordanian press in, but not the ones from Jordan. They should not humiliate the Jordanian journalist at home or anywhere.

مهرجان تايكي والصحافة الأردنية ممنوعة من الدخول


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