Monday, November 12, 2012

Divorced Haifa Wehbe Tweets About Happiness

Pop music should be making you happy, it should not make you sad and this is what Haifa Wehbe knows best. While she might be going through a divorce and a media grilling, she has not given up on life yet. Vacationing in the States, she wrote the following tweet to her millions of followers

This is the first tweet from the pop diva since the news of her divorce from her businessman husband Ahmed Abu Heishema. And Yes she is doing a business as usually promoting a Lebanese network. She has referred to her latest chapter in life as a storm. And when asked about her whereabouts, she wrote that "I Will Be Back Soon" line. That means she is not talking and doing the right PR moves, so that some network pays her a lot of dollars for an exclusive interview with her. Happy or sad, Haifa makes money either way.

Haifaa Wahby - Enta Tany / هيفا وهبي - إنت تاني


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