Monday, November 12, 2012

Video: 050 Band | LIVE | Masr Ezay Tesebha

050 had a recent concert and they did not disappoint. They jammed the place with their fans and shared some of their most popular songs. Among those songs is one in particular about Egypt, a country no one should immigrate from. I love the music, it's a well played song

It's a rock song guitar focused, it seems to fire up the crowd and the band seems to love performing this song each time they have a concert. The song takes a new meaning as every young man in today's Egypt thinks about leaving the country to pursue other dreams.

I do wish that 050 would mange to get better audio for thier next concerts, there's eems to be an issue with air and microphones 

050 Band | LIVE | Masr Ezay Tesebha / مصر إزاى تسيبها - من حفل الساقيه


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