Monday, November 12, 2012

Wael Kfoury Transcendent For "Ya Dalli Ya Rouhi" 2012 Album

It took him more than five years to release his comeback album, but when it was released in early August, it conquered the number one spot and stayed there for six weeks. No question about it he made a solid album, ode to the good old days and he sounded his best. Only fault with it is not being long enough--only 8 tracks of good music. This is a great music that excites the soul accompanied by lyrics that can heal it

The new black and white look with that exotic beard did help with the marketing too. This was a romantic album in a way that only Wael Kfoury can put together. the album did not have much of that Lebanese beat but the music was well layered. Wael has worked with a new team that gave him what he wanted and for that us the fans are grateful.

The album has been ready for about two years, but Rotana was able finally to snag back Wael and put him back in their stars.

Wael Kfoury 2012 Album Promo / ألبوم وائل كفوري 2012

Wael Kfoury - Ya Dalli Ya Rouhi / وائل كفوري - يا ضلّي يا روحي


  1. I think it might be one my favorite Arabic CD's of 2012-2013.