Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mohamed Fouad Working Overtime to Finish His 2012 Album

Every Egyptian's favorite home boy pop star would always by the romance hit-maker Mohamed Fouad. Fouad is the wise voice one needs to hear when life wrongs us. He is a fmaily guy who has always sang for his family and his loved one. He has always come across as the local boy who cares and has his heart in the right place.

Now Mohamed Fouad is working on his latest album--the one he is producing in Egypt and away from Roana. Set to launch on the new Year late December and will include 10 tracks. Mohamed Fouad's last album came in 2010 and it was a personal favorite of mine. A country about the loved ones, the homeland and life in general.

As the deadline approaches Mohamed Fouad has been working 15 hours in the studio to finalize his album in between recording, editing and mixing, the star has a busy schedule. Mohamed Fouad has not agreed on a production company yet--he is reviewing a number of offers. The names that have been attached to the album projects including the dazzling Ramy Gamal, the creative Waleed Saad and the always fresh Ameer Ta'eema.

Mohamed Fouad - Tameni Alik - محمد فؤاد - طمني عليك


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