Monday, November 5, 2012

Mohamed Rahim Pays Farewell اغنية محمد رحيم - فى امان الله | جديد 2012

Mohamed Rahim has a heart of gold and this gold he transmits through his music. This time he has released one of his singles where he comments on the fallen, namely the ones who have been murdered during that soccer game in Port Said. This remains an issue unresolved where the murders and those who have incited the violence remain free.

Mohamed Rahim pays farewell to the 70 or so young souls that went to a soccer game, where it ended up being a war zone and an assassination. Frankly, Rahim sounds like he has lost someone he likes, you can feel it when he sings the lines of his songs. He is also calling for unity and religious tolerance. It ain't easy to do those kind of songs, but I feel Egypt can use something like this to remind them of their  collective high moments.

I know Rahim can also do happy and party songs, but most of his memorable songs are the ones he writes from personal experiences. He now has crafted an emotional crowded song

اغنية محمد رحيم - فى امان الله | جديد 2012


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