Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kuwait's Finest Diva Strikes Gold البوم نوال الكويتيه - نوال 2013

She married the love of her life who is a musician like herself. Together they moved from Kuwait and lived in Turkey together where they kept working on life and music. Nawal Al Kuwaiti is the finest romance and pop diva to come from the conservative country Kuwait. She has always been a big name who preserves the musical tradition for her own region. She is a big name in the Gulf, but outside of that area, people respect her and follow her updates.

I am so proud of Nawal keeping her head high and not losing faith in her classy talent. Unlike many of her peers in the Gulf region, she has not chased cool and random songs. She only makes classy songs and she speaks in her own dialect. She does not try to be Lebanese or Egyptian to be accepted. Instead people come to hear her because they like who she really is.

Her perfected music and super-sweet lyrics and emotions cannot be missed by anyone even by those who try to. Her voice keeps on running, she seems to hold her breath and hit one high note after another. She sounds as lively in her recorded songs as she does in a giant concert hall.

This time comes her 2013 album with whopping 13 tracks of romance and stories from life. Loyalist and putting the one you love ahead of oneself. I like how graceful she sounds, how convincing her voice is and how true to her roots she is. While some of her songs may not feel fresh, they will always be good.

01 - Abeek (Aljorouh Sughar)
02 - Ala Alsaa
03 - Fe Gheyabak
04 - Hala Hanan
05 - Khateri
06 - Lataghalat
07 - Leish
08 - Mostahel Ansaak
09 - Qissa Hubi
10 - Wahashtani
11 - Ya Ashouk
12 - Yafahamni
13 - Zebhiny Al Shouk

Mix Nawal el-q8iya kuwait FM - نوال الكويتية مكس


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