Sunday, November 4, 2012

Maya Diab Takes Her Freak Show To Abu Dhabi

Maya is all over the map, To Jordan she goes, in Lebanon she thrives and the the Gulf she parties and collects the cash. For Ya Salam music festival, she was one of the performers and since she knows how to attract the boys to anything she does, she was the star of her own making. I love how she speaks in three languages in her interviews. She knowa how to promote her brand and she is always ready to talk big.

Singing till close to the sunrise hour. She wore a Lady Gaga worthy outfit, she danced and she talked to her fans and joked with them. Google has taken notice as she now seems to be the sexy Arab star according to the search engine.

Maya does have about four songs to her name, no other Arab star has manged to sell so many concerts with so few songs. She sings for other stars from Lebanon and beyond. I do not know w\how she does it. But at least now we know for sure music is not the show at her concerts, she and her outfits certainly are.

مايا دياب تغنِّي لوائل كفوري في أبو ظبي


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