Sunday, November 4, 2012

"A Hot Body Is More Important Than A Pretty Face" Says Nelly Makdessi

The Lebanese singer Nelly Makdessi has spoke and given an interview where she spoke about her career and her standard for beauty. She is known to have a rocking figure and a lean body, something she shows off in her music video frequently.

She has not had many media stories recently, I do not recall reading about a concert of hers. She might be doing private functions and restaurant appearances. She was Haifa Wahbe before there was one, she  started a new trend in Lebanon pop in the late 90s and now it has become the norm.

  1. She does not diet, instead she watched her weight and eats protein, fruits and veggies, drinks a lot of water and skips pastries and nuts.  
  2. She likes running and lifting weights to tone her bod.
  3. She has a good skin and does not use a lot of creams, instead she only uses moisturizing lotions 
  4. She is very good at belly dancing and she been so sin ce she was 15 years old, her music videos reveal that too
Nelli Mqadassi - Ya Dada / نيللى مقدسى - يا دادا


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