Sunday, November 11, 2012

Saad Ramadan Blames The Evil Eye سعد رمضان - عين وصابت

Saad Ramadan is in search for a legacy, he did the 15 minutes fame songs, the ones that hit it big, and then people move on. Yes, the kind of flash fame pop music is associated with. To do that, he choose a slower song in the Tarab style songs. The Egyptian dialect, this song took some serious vocal muscles by the artist.

Saad Ramdan had himself a great summer, traveling to Algeria and other Arab countries for music festivals. Now he is branching out of the Lebanese song to more sober tones. His choice song is about the love and all the right things, but despite all that, the relationship failed. He faults the bad and evil eye on this doomed love of his. Maybe it's bad karma.  

Anyhow, I think this is a great pick by the singer whose market share has been going up for years now. This song will add up to his stocked and I am certain his hot look and cool personalty will help add to that legacy.

Saad Ramadan - A'ayn w Sabet / سعد رمضان - عين وصابت


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