Monday, November 5, 2012

Shatha Hassoun Baghdad And Poets Song

There's a side of Shatha Hassoun you do not see often in her pop song. The lady can sing and classical Arabic accompanied by old school music. She has a very strong voice and great vocal that she can subdue and manipulate. Such side of her can only be seen in rare occasions when she wants to do a cover or a song for Baghdad.

Her song below is about the historic city of Baghdad and how many poets have drew inspiration form this city. The song is originally for the legendary Fayrouz, now gets a worthy cover from Shatha early on during her freshman years. I thought this was a very good cover for the little known original song.

Songs like these do not often make money, but they do tend to stay a really long time, so this is the legacy an artist should strive for.  The song is about the beauty of the city of Baghdad and its rich history. Fayrous drew a picture so captivating to this shattered city.

بغداد والشعراء والصور - شذى حسون

بغداد والشعراء والصور - فيروز


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