Monday, November 5, 2012

The Business Of Arab Singers And Paychecks

The business model for Arab singers is a lot different than for Western singers or singers where intellectual property rights is protected. Most singers in the States and Europe get most of their revenues from the sales of their records. It also depends if they own the rights to their songs.

Most songs are produced by companies that pay an artist a few for a song, once this song makes it big, the producer gets to make all the money in the world, the singer can only keep his initial fee. However, most smart singers mange to get some money out of their hits. Sure their hits would make them famous, but famous and rich is much better.

if they get something in their contract. This is a win win situation as singers have a stake in their songs, they will work harder o promote their song, do more interviews and talk to more radio stations. Now Arab singers do not get as much money from the sales of their songs--thanks to piracy and online theft.

Instead, they get most of their money from tickets sales at their concerts. But they also do not mange to sell other merchandise too, hats and t-shirts bring millions of dollars to Western entertainers, Arab entertainers have not figured a way to make money this way. They also seem to be shy at selling their CDs at their concerts.

This gives people a chance to speak with the artist and get a copy signed--the CD has to be sold at premium  Also advertising is a big money maker for singers out here. Car companies like to use cool songs to sell their cars, not many Arab singers see revenue from such ads. This is because, it's unclear who owns the right to any given song.

The composer has a right, the lyricist does too, the singer, and the producer all have a claim on the song. However, few Arab singers are not producing for themselves, giving them a chance to make more money from their songs use in commercials and in movies. Here, for example, a song in any movie has to be paid for, the popular songs can be used in movies for 150 K US dollars.

I do not think in Arabia, they would pay this much, but 10 K would be a good price. Other ways stars make money in Arabia is by charging for giving interviews for TV, some get as much as 50 k to speak about their life and their peers. In the States, however  stars seem only to speak to the media if they have a new CD, a book or a new movie to promote

They also get money from weddings. Rich families in the Gulf, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon an Jordan book an A list entertainer to appear in their event. This is about showing off. But they shell serious cash for A list singers who tend to come. This is a steady cash cow for a lot of singers in Arabia.
This industry remains unprofessional as friends tend to mange singers not real business people who know how to negotiate a good payout. Product endorsement is gaining grounds in Arabia, they have been around for a really long time.

Clothes, sunglasses, soft drinks, makeup, soap, perfume are the go to lines. Mostly females make money in this business, but some guys do well like Amr Diab and Pepsi, same for Tamer Hosny too. Nancy Ajram and that famous water park in Egypt. So it seems that stars have more than one way to make money, they just have to be likable, and have a good management team.

When push comes to shove, being an artists is just another job. They got bills to pay and their got a really expensive lifestyle they have to maintain. To keep the mirage, they need to keep the money coming.