Monday, November 5, 2012

Arab Idol Wants People To Pretend To Faint

Arab Idol is busy casting talents in The Kingdom of Morocco, and they are asking people to pretend to faint on the show as the camera rolls. Drama sells and those shows thrive on drama and conflict  the more people fainting the better their chances of being put on TV. Sure they will also put the weird ones and bully them on camera.

According to an email that surfaced online, a young talent that made the first cut on the show's casting in Morocco was asked for an interview as he existed the meeting with two of the show teams. He was pressured to pretend to have a meltdown and faint on camera. The person who wrote the email, refused and challenged them to air that piece unedited. The person behind the email he has also reported to have been pushed to sing Lebanese pop lady songs for Nancy Ajram, Haifa and Elissa. the producers wanted the participants to act like those pop divas.

 This might be a sour grapes scenario, but this would be hardly the first time MBC network has gotten in hot water for their on camera antics. I do not think good talents drive up the rating, obnixious people who look good on camera do. So, do not put too much faith on this, this is just yet another TV program going after advertisers dollars.

Arab Idol - Ep8 - Top Ten Females - دنيا بطمه