Monday, November 5, 2012

Tamer Hosny Breaks A World Record

In Abu Dhabi, the rich yet underrated capital of the United Arab Emirates, stuff like this happens. The provocative pop star Tamer Hosny has sang in front of a 100 thousand people. The 100 thousand concert goers were there to take part of the Formula 1 racing activities. This is a big number to break anywhere.

The city's Corniche--boardwalk provided the venue for "Ya Salam" festival Where the pop star has performed his gig on Thursday night. Most those who were in attendance were Arabic speaking and other tourists and immigrants. This is a big budget music festival with serious cash and serious corporate and state sponsorship

Among those who have performed at the same venue on the same night is American rapper Akon who sang for an hour, British pop star Melanie C (spice girls), among others. The Egyptian pop star concluded the evening by performing for an hour and a half. Tamer had a surprise choral of 34 children from all over the world who have helped him perform his latest song for Prophet Mohamed.  

Other big names that will participate in this music festival is American rapper Eminem, Cee Lo Green and his super high pitch voice.

Report About Tamer Hosny Concert In Abu Dhabi | Tamer Academy

Akon in Abu Dhabi 01 NOVEMBER 2012


  1. Tamer Hosny has not set nor Brocken the world record for the amount of people in one concert in "1988 Michael Jackson During the Bad World Tour, Michael Jackson played to sold out crowds and smashed Guinness World records when 504,000 fans packed Wembley Stadium for each of the seven sold out shows and the tour grossed $125 million. During all of this, Jackson invited underprivileged children to the shows and donated to hospitals, orphanages and other charities." Tamer might have set a record for the largest amount of people attending a concert in Abu Dhabi but he has certainly not Brocken a world record with 100 thousand people. If he wants the world record he's going to have to do much better than a 100 thousand people.

  2. A link to Michael Jackson's concert record is right here