Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jad Choueiri Helps Nesreen Bring It--Whatever It Means

Jad Choury directs halfhearted music videos, but when he sings he loses some people out there. He does push the envelop in his music video where sex and outfits triumph good art. But in fairness, good music rarely makes enough of money.

So comes the quick music video with a well placed and effective harmony definitely being a bonus the type of stuff the Beatles were masters of, song structure and rhythm progressions (good parts, good melody changes), and something a bit unconventional to grab my ears. But this is not Jad's specialty.

The overall vibe and feel of the songs he collaborated on. I am also a sucker for instrument harmonies usually on the more subtle side, but sometimes the more heavy handed ones work too. Mix all of that with some catch factor and you're in good shape in my books. He kicks off the song as if he opening for her, then she takes on the stage and gives him her answer--I used to love you, but now engaged.

Although, like I said, it's hard to describe. A lot of the songs I really love maybe have one or two of those only. Sometimes they're really simple. It all just depends. With Jad, you always get something to like and certainly haters gonna hate.

Nesreen - Makhtoba / نسرين - مخطوبة


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