Saturday, March 2, 2013

This Saudi Prince Gets A Song By Zein Chaker الوليد بن طلال - ملك ٌ كريمٌ -غناء زين شاكر

I love the music for this new song, it's very classy and reminds us of the fine Arabic compositions that no body is making right no. Lebanese singer Zein Chaker is out with a new song for the Saudi Prince Al Waleed, the mogul and business man who also owns Rotana entertainment network

Prince Al Waleed can be seen cool and a fun person, he is a different kind of leader in Saudi Arabia and the world sort of adores him. Chaker's last song was about someone who used to be a guy, and his followup song is a flattery song for the Saudi prince. I must be a fan of the prince because he was the inspiration for this song that feels authentic.

He composed the song on top of writing the lyrics. The artists seems to admire the prince and call him noble king not a mere human. "Because He deserves it" is how Chaker replied to the prince inquiries. I respect this song if it came from the heart. It's an old habit where the old Arabs would shower those who compliment them, tell tales about them with gifts, and rewards.

الوليد بن طلال - ملك ٌ كريمٌ -غناء زين شاكر


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