Saturday, March 2, 2013

Déjà vu! The Egyptian Revolution and Music

In the first revolution in Egypt of January 25th 2011, the music scene celebrated the movement, it did not shape it and it did not lead it or cause it. The second chapter of the revolution is gaining momentum in 2013 and music is trying to play a bigger role.

More and more songs are coming out against the government and in support of change. This can be good and it can lead to disaster. But when I hear the new song by new comer Mohemd Metwaly talking about pledging to bring an end to all things wrong, I feel like we have been there before.

Metway has even used a clip from the president talking about making things better, when the clip ends the singer goes, " enough with the talk, we had plenty!" There's another quote in the song by Egyptian actor Ahmed Hilmi who likens the current situation to an old and bad film with the same scenes playing over and over again.

 Mohamed Metwaly - kona feen Rayhen / محمد متولى - كنا فين رايحين


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